Status quo of industrial textiles and guiding opinions of the 13th Five-Year Plan
——Zheng Junlin, Vice President of China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association

2016-11-03 12:23:18
Mr. Zheng thinks that the industry was largely stable in the first half of the year, keeping high growth despite multiple negative elements. The growth rate of industrial profit continued to be higher than that of main business revenue while the deficits continued to decrease sharply. The indicators of main business revenue, profit growth, and profit margin of industrial textiles remained advanced. Export unit price of non-woven fabric is increasing but the increment is limited while import unit price keeps high, which reflects that we are exporting ordinary products and importing high value-added products. So he thinks there is great potential. 

Then Mr. Zheng points out that the main problems of industrial textiles are lack of innovattion, industrial supporting, brand awareness and high-end products. Duringh the 13th Five-Year Plan, he thinks domestic demand and consumption upgrade will be key driver for industrial textiles. There are 6 important development directions, including industrial textiles for emerging industries, environmental protection industry, medical care and health, emergence and publick safety, construction and materials etc. 

At last, Mr. Zheng speaks about the application of recycled fibers in industrial textiles. Recycled fibers include recycled polyester fiber and others, widely used in many fields. By 2020, the recycling quantity is estimated to increase to 3 million ton.