Recycled polyester fiber for Longfu carpet & blanket and its development
——Di Gangli, Deputy General Manager of Longfu Recycling Energy Scientech Co., Ltd.

2016-11-03 16:41:07
Mr. Di first introduced and familiarized us with Longfu Recycling Energy Scientech. Then, he presented the carpet and blanket industry from domestic and abroad. In terms of overseas market, Europe anf the US remain to be the largest producers and consumers. In terms of domestic market, carpets are mainly made from BCF for commercial use. 

Secondly, Mr. Di summaired the reasons why PET and Re-PET gained access to carpet industry as fedstock. Cost of PET is lower that that of PA, and performance PET is more stable than PP. PET enjoys excellent pollution-resistance property, good coverage, and high anti-UV performance. R-BCF has lower cost than virgin BCF. Polyester BCF fiber based on PET bottle can be applied into carpets, car carpet weaving and decorative fabric, becoming more and more popular as the fabric is dense, bright-colored, not easy to discolor, enjoying good quality and image and apparent antistatic effects compared with natural fibers like wool. 

Lastly, Mr. Di analyzed the economics of recycled polyester being applied in carpet production.